Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Golden State Warriors' Owner Joe Lacob Loses the Classroom

"Television cannot do justice to just how loud Oracle booed" (@Sherwood_Strauss)

Imagine what would've happened had the Golden State Warriors actually traded a good player instead of Monta Ellis.1

Poor Joe Lacob looked like a high school teacher who had lost control of his class. A 20,000-person class.

After grabbing the conch from the guest of honor, I don't get why Lacob's culminating point was to tell said guest that he was going to Hawaii. Was Chris Mullin a contestant on "The Price Is Right?"

A trip to Hawaii is terrific, but doesn't seem like a fitting follow-up to a guest of honor's speech when that guest is a multi-millionaire Hall of Famer. I mean, if you’re trying to steal the thunder… Try, "On behalf of Warriors ownership, we would like to give you a trip to the future where you'll be able to play in the NBA until you're 100."

Did Chris Mullin secretly enjoy this fiasco? According to Yahoo!, Mullin didn't feel as if his night had been spoiled. “Not one bit. It seemed more directed toward other things."

Remember that a couple years ago, Mullin was publically undermined as Warriors GM and then fired. Granted, that was under a different ownership group, but Larry Riley, the GM who took his job and traded Ellis (a Mullin draft pick) is still there.

The "other things" that Mullin referred to are comprehensively listed by Marcus Thompson here, and don't include Golden State's one playoff appearance in the last 17 years (going on 18) or the last time Warriors fans booed their owner.

And Rick Barry? Get Barry a seat so he can stagejack next year's VMAs!

1 Guys who drop 30 and give up 35 are very replaceable if your goal is to win a championship.

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